Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birthday Wild Webcomic Review

It's my birthday and I'll


I'd repeat that, but it's a mouthful.

Well today is my birthday, and this blog is my present to the world.  What do I have for you?  Why I have 5 (7) comic reviews!  Er, that 7 has a point, but let's ignore him for the moment.

Today's group of 5 (7) comics is my most recent set of reviews, just finished, uh, about 5 minutes ago.  Ignore bad spelling, but the links should all work, so go and read the ones that catch your eye.  There's no set pattern or anything to these reviews, other than they're typically in the order I read them.  After that, I ramble a bit.  Also, ignore the spelling/grammatical errors, I'm don't spell check my stuff.

So anyway, let's get started with this blog's first 5 (7) comics. Stupid 7.

175. Lucid TV - This comic asks the following question: What's the worst way for a doctor to tell you bad news? Then before you can answer it responds with "This is worse." That's it, that's the whole point of the comic is a series of really, really black jokes about people dying and such at a hospital where patients who go in rarely come out. And it's all because the doctors don't give a shit. It's dark, and I can't help but like it.

176. Pure - When I review stories (which I haven't done in a while) I usually comment on block descriptions of characters, where the author tries to describe everything about a character all at once. Guess what this comic starts with? I actually put off this comic several times because of that, but even once you get past it, it really doesn't get that much better. I like the concept for it, but the execution is both painfully slow and not all that interesting. The art has improved, a bit, since it started, but since it started in 2002, I would hope so, but despite the time length, the archieves aren't deep and updates appear to be sporadic at best. I like the concept for it, the idea, but the comic as a whole just isn't worth the time.

177. Deep Fried - This is a review of 3 seperate comics, that all happen to share the same website.

The first is Deep Fried the political comic. I'll be honest, I skipped most of it. It's not that I don't like political humor, I read The Pain (currently on extended hiatus) after all, but the jokes are worn and old at this point and bring up memories I'd rather not dwell on any more. It's also wordy as hell, which in my opinion hurt a good political comic. Still, some inspired ideas, like depicting Dubya as Lord Humungus, come through and if I had run into during the middle of the run, I'd probably have read it closer.

Next is Deep Fried the stand alone webcomic. Here, the "main" characters from the political strip are given their own lives and jokes seperate from the poltical world, and it's actually pretty good from that standpoint. There's jokes about drugs and slackers and other less than legal activities, but nothing too foul or unpleansant, and certianly nothing I haven't seen before. If it run longer, I would have happily read it.

Which brings us to Weapon Brown. As in Charlie Brown. Characters from the funny pages are thrust into a post-apocalypitic world, and stuff gets crazy from there. I would love to go into examples of what makes this comic so great, but it would spoil it. If you read any of Deep Fried, read this, and do it now. Sure, it's over the top and campy, but that makes it awesome. Go already!

178. Menage a 3 - I would say that this comic is full of sexual ennuendo, but ennuendo would be mearly suggesting sex. This comic is blatent about. Hell, the first strip has the main character walking in on his male roomates having sex in the living room. And it only gets rauncher from there. If you're not puratanical when it comes to sex and can stand the almost constant crude humor, you'll probably like this comic. Also if you're into cartoon titties, you'll like it too. No full frontal though kids, so run along. It is rather funny outside of that, but nothing superspecial in that regard.

179. City of Reality - SUEPR defends the city of Reality from bad things. Now parse that for a second. Especially the first word. I'm pissed I didn't catch it earlier, but it explains, for the most part, the entire concept of the comic. Reality is damn near perfect, everyone is happy and carefree all while SUEPR watches the city and is damn near perfect in everyway too. How and why? No idea, but it's definetly different from the surge of dark, edgy hero stories. It's light, fun, and strangely well thought out. Unless it gets overly stupid (which could be hard), it'll be on to hang on to. Two things before you read: It's updated a chapter at a time, so don't wait for new strips to trickle out and two, there are some flash comics in there (and those are actually really creative).

Well, that's it for this week.  Next week I'll post from the old archieves as it takes a while to read through the archieves of even 5 (7) at a time, and would that 7 leave me the hell alone!

Till next time kiddies, later.

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