Saturday, September 26, 2009

The List to Your Right

If you haven't noticed it by now, please direct your attention to the list of comics on your right.

This is my list of my "current reads."  I review all the comics I read regularly, and so each of these has "survived" my review process and have found themselves in one of these honored categories in my bookmarks.

Which basically means I like reading these and still do.

That said, don't trust the subtitles there.  M-W-F does indeed mean Monday-Wednesday-Friday, but that's not necessarily when the comic updates.  Those headings generally just mean when I check those comics.

For example, Wapsi Square and Book of Biff don't update everyday, but only on Monday-Friday, but that's more frequent than the other three categories, so they get put under daily.  But comics like Achewood, which actually only seems to update once a week, still sit in the Daily spot because I'm to lazy to move them.  Others, like The Meek have varying update schedules (was three times a week for a while and now is back to once a week) so they are in places that don't even match their actual update schedules.

And let's not get into some of the weekly comics, madness lies there.

The vast majority of comics I read do, eventually, find a spot in my current read list, at least for a little while.  Some even leave the list only to return later as the comics status (and possibly style) changes.

The rest of the comics end up in one of three categories:

Hiatus:  Which is another way of saying "they haven't updated in forever, but I haven't given up on them yet."

Dead Comics:  Which means "I have given up on them," or "they were like that when I got here."  Damn, I seem to say that too often.

And finally, Non-Reads:  Comics I don't read for one reason or another.  

Most comics end up in the Dead category, but Non-Reads can also be dead ones, I just don't read them so I don't know.

There are two other categories, and they happen to be my favorites:  Future Reads and TBReviwed.  These are where the new comics come from.  I spot a link or an ad, look over the initial strip and then bookmark them if it looks like I might be interested.  Right now there are about 20 strips in my Future Read folder, and I usually add one every couple of weeks, so I'm not without comics to read, but I always take recommendations (unless you ask for Penny Arcade).

So I won't be posting those comics on part of my current read list as it would just make that sidebar far more cluttered than I would like.  In any case, I do read THESE comics, so I have to recommend each and every one of them, at least a little.  As I post the reviews, you'll see my specific opinions on each one, but please feel free to form your own with my token recommendation.

Well anyway, I know I should post something more substantial for my weekly examination, but since I often use my current reads as my references for things. . .

Ah, who am I kidding, I'm just showing off all the comics I read.  Anyway, next week will likely have 5 new reviews and an actual decent article, with the ominous title "Death by Hiatus."  Until then kiddies.

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