Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wild Webcomic Review, 56 - 60

Another batch of reviews to post.  Hopefully I'll find the time to do some new reviews to add to this list.  Until then, here's some more.

August 04, 2006

56. Lowroad75 - The humorous goth, such a tired, worn concept. At least this is a touch funnier than most. There is an obvious character change as the comic goes on (as in, she grows big boobs, in this comic, it runs off this joke). And that's about it. Not great, but there are worse comics out there.

TODAY - Lowroad75 has changed since I initially read it.  First it ended the original story run and started a new one featuring a family that had to deal with inter-dimensional weirdness.  That was then ended in favor of the current one featuring a demon that isn't as demon as you might think.  Despite my less than stellar review for it, I still read it regularly and it's completely worth my time.

57. Terror Island - Here's a question: Is it really a webcomic if nobody draws anything? Answer: Sure, why the hell not? Two game pieces, Sid and Stephan, are fighting an eternal struggle to convince the other to go grocery shopping. That's it, that's the whole plot. Come on, the comic only 22 strips old, but that's all there is too it and I like it for its method. Reminds me of a certain forum I know in a lot of ways. . .

TODAY - It ended, and I miss this comic and ones like it.  There's just something about the simple chaos of these kind of strips that appeals to me.  It's a good read, so go take a look at it.

58. Contemplating Reiko - I seem to have a lot of comics where some sort of demonic/supernatural element in it. I have no idea why. This is nice and violent, and has a little girl doing unspeakable things to her classmates. It's so cute.

TODAY - This is one of those comics that I really just can't stop reading.  Getting a good chuckle out of it is easy.  Though you can switch it between black, white and red to full color by hovering your mouse over it, I often find the lack of color makes the comic better overall.  But that's just me and why I think the option is provided.

59. Devil's Panties - This should have been with the last batch of reviews but, um, I kind of forgot it. That's not to say it's unforgettable, I still have it on my reading rotation, but you won't find anything really exceptional about it as the run goes on. The early strips are actually some of the best, and it peters out as it goes on. It doesn't get bad, it just doesn't reach the heights of the earlier strips. Still funny enough to read. Oh, and don't talk to her about her spelling, she may do terrible things to you while you sleep.

TODAY - I'm still reading it.  Unlike a lot of other comics that lost steam along the way, this one manages to stay on my list by being inoffensive and not changing the very character of the comic for little to no reason.  It's enjoyable and the jokes are funny, but it's not going to top anyone list of "greatest of all time."

60. This Is Gravity - I have to hold my final judgment on this comic as it's actually very young (older than Terror Island, but not by a lot), and it has a large, arcing story going on, so it's hard to say for sure if it's really good or not. It has its funny moments, but it is meant to be more serious than not. I think. Like I said, it really only just started, so final judgment is kind of on hold.

TODAY - Dead.  Yeah, sad, but while it was going it was at least very interesting and fun to read.  Now though, it is no longer.  Shame, damn shame.

Two dead, three still on the list.  Very nice.  Remember this week there won't be a article post, but there will be one next week.  It might even feature pictures, if I can figure out how to get those to work.  Until next week kiddies.

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