Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wild Webcomic Review, 61 - 65

Did you have a good Christmas?  Get everything you wanted?  Oh, you wanted a new batch of reviews?  Well, you're going to be disappointed, as you won't be getting one this week, just some of the old ones.  Sorry kiddies.  ONWARD!

August 04, 2006

61. Scary Go Round - Usually, a funny/twisted reality comic has a kind of straight man/everyman that over time becomes accustomed to the weirdness that fills the comic. Scary Go Round skips this step. It's also one of the few comics I've seen where the death of one of the main characters isn't just remotely possible, but entirely likely to occur. Often multiple times to the same person. I like comics that do weird things like that. It's got a strange form of humor, which is actually humour since I think it's British. The weird things that just sort of comes out of the character's mouth's with no real encouragement are certainly my cup of tea, and probably yours too. I wish he would pick one art style or the other though, switching between the digital and pen and ink is irritating. At least the characters look the same.

TODAY - It ended and was replaced with a new comic, though the link will take you to SGR's archives.  It's a fun comic and while it was still wordy, it managed to keep the weird level at just the right level, and even had a rather uncomfortable moment when Micheal Jackson died (funny, but uncomfortable).  Worth the read for sure.  The new comic?  Haven't read it yet.  Maybe later.

August 09, 2006

62. girl/robot - This comic, I can't truly describe it. The guy on Websnark claims it is cuteness followed by abject horror. I don't disagree. I also think it's funnier than shit. It's worth it.

TODAY - The artist got married and the comic died, in that order.  No explanation, no comment, no hint that it would die, it just did.  I miss this comic.

63. Death to the Extremist - Simplest concept for a comic ever, well, sort of. You'll see. Anyway, you have two quarter circles, 1 black, 2 white (literally) saying strange things to each other. They fight, they love, they find a baby, travel through time, and rap. Simple, yet silly. I think you guys, especially, will like it.

TODAY - It ended only a few months after I found it, which is a shame.  That said, it was a dignified exit, and remained true to it's, um, weird nature.  I should go back and reread it some time.

64. The Pretentious History of Everything - There's a comic book out there called "The History of the Universe" or something like that. This is similar, but done faster and in webcomic form. It's different, and interesting, and fun in its own way.

TODAY - Hasn't updated in years, so it's dead.  No idea what the point of the comic was, I imagine if I looked at his other comic, the one this one supposedly tied into, I would get it, but I haven't so I don't.  Oh well.

65. Panel One - Remember when I said Death to the Extremist was the simplest concept for a comic ever? Panel one beats that into the ground. A comic panel, a dialog bubble and the alphabet battle the evil demon, Teh. Sadly, it's on hiatus after only 24 strips long, which is nuts given how simple it is. Whatever, it's funny, I hope he comes back to finish working on it.

TODAY - Never came back to work on it, so it's dead as a doornail.  Bummer.

Oh god, I just did an entire update of dead comics didn't I?  I haven't done that before, have I?  I'm all depressed now.  Let me see if the next batch will be better.

. . .

No, these are all dead too.  This makes me depressed.  And you know what I do when I'm depressed?  I go read webcomics.  New reviews will be up next week for the new year.  See you then kiddies.

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